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Family Unwrapping


Project DNA is a nonprofit corporation which is funded by donations. The practice of medicine is currently undergoing a transformation. In the past, emphasis was placed on treating people when they got sick. We are now moving toward a paradigm that seeks to keep people healthy. Much of the emphasis is now being directed at encouraging healthy behavior, such as smoking cessation, exercise, nutrition, and weight loss to name a few. Patients with chronic diseases are being followed more closely to avoid the need for hospitalizations. Yet, what is being overlooked is patients genetic predisposition to disease. The purpose of Project DNA is to encourage the systematic collection of patients family history in order to identify those patients at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes. Once these patients are identified, they can be screened appropriately, and thereby reduce their risk of developing cancer. We greatly appreciate the financial support that has been given by our contributors.

Current Contributors

  • Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

  • The Family History Tool is provided by Myriad Genetics.

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